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" That would take a while. I often say Dr. Govel teaches everything between the notes. She has an incredible insight into how each student learns and uses that information to tailor fit her instruction. I can say that because I have been at her studio with my son for 7 years and witnessed her coach, encourage, and nurture many students of all ages. Her credentials speak for themselves, she utilizes her expertise to create performers who pour their heart and soul at the piano as well as master piano technique at the highest level. My son has achieved many awards under her tutelage but most importantly he has been given a gift which is only earned with lots of hard work on behalf of both the student and the amazing teacher. She is the best."

Tara Antongiorgi, Parent

" Our daughter Madhu started her musical journey with Dr Linda Govel about two years ago. Dr. Govel adopts a supportive approach to instruction while maintaining high expectations from her students. She individualizes her approach to each student and knows how to bring out the best in them.  Dr. Govel's concern for the student's musical development extends well beyond classroom instruction.  She actively encourages them to develop their creativity by composing music and finds opportunities for them to showcase their talents.  Even through the pandemic, Dr. Govel has effectively used technology to continue her instruction and to organize events for her students. We could not have asked for a better teacher for Madhu."

Premkumar Family

Urmila Koul, Parent

" Dr. Govel brings the depth and breadth of her experience to bear on the musical education of her students. Lessons are well structured. The student learns music theory, technique, sight reading and develops a repertoire of pieces. Parents are involved and encouraged to be present at lessons. Studio events, master classes and workshops create a wonderful community. Dr. Govel is especially skilled at teaching students who are on the spectrum. She is one of the preeminent teachers in Southern California and both our kids have been lucky to have her as their teacher."

" Dr. Linda Govel is a true Gem! She has been teaching our kids piano for seven years. Her teaching style is a perfect balance of high achievements and fun. She is an extremely talented pianist and a highly gifted teacher. She breaks down complicated music theory and concepts to facilitate learning for her younger students. My daughter started taking piano lessons with Dr. Govel when she was in kindergarten. Never in our wildest dream could we have imagined that our daughter would be playing Bach pieces and winning competitions within her first year of studying. When my son started his lessons a couple years later, he was also winning competitions within his first year. Our kids are not exceptions in Dr. Govel’s studio.  Her students have won numerous prestigious piano competitions each year. This is the essence of the type of teacher Dr. Govel is. She tailors her teaching to each student to cultivate his/her natural abilities.  Her passion for music is contagious and exudes in each lesson, which keeps the kids engaged and motivated.  She teaches her students everything from playing music, to performance etiquette, to music theory. She truly offers a well-rounded music education. Our studio has a strong sense of camaraderie, which is a reflection of what Dr. Govel instills in her students. If you are looking for a studio where your kids can grow musically with friends and peer support.  Dr. Govel is the teacher for you! "

Karen Liang Tu, Parent

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